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When Julie's best friend is found floating in the Cumberland River in the heart of Nashville, she knows she needs to escape Whiskey Manor before she's next.  Nostalgia leads Julie into Eli's Violin Shop where she hears the old man, Eli, play a tune like it's his mother tongue.  


Eli is a grieving widower who hires Julie despite her inexperience and troubled state. He teaches her the craft of a luthier, but she learns much more from him than how to mend violins.  

When Brock tracks down Julie's whereabouts, he goes to great lengths to get her back, putting Eli's life at stake.  Julie is forced into a decision she feels incapable of making.  

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Completed works

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ACF Church


Like Father, Like Son

I have completed this manuscript and am in the process of navigating the publishing world! See above for a brief synopsis.

I currently work for my church in communications.  I write monthly testimonies for social media, and weekly devotionals for the website which can be found at .


This is an inspirational true life crime and redemption story that was sent into 120 prisons across Canada.  Twenty thousand copies were mailed to inmates at no cost.

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